Swingwear Sighting in the Wild!

green2We saw a swingwear dress while out dancing last night! It’s been awhile since either of us have seen one… well, aside from Emily’s 😉

It’s at least 13-years old and still looks fantastic!

To be specific, it was a Marlene dress in one of the cherry prints. Got us thinking about Swingwear of old… So we decided to share part of our original catalog. The original website was hand-coded and scripted using Perl but we still wanted to share so we recreated part of the Spring 1999 collection. We hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we do!



Swingwear Limited – Thank You & So Long For Now …

atomic.swingwear.v4.5It’s hard to admit, but it’s time to close Swingwear.

Since 1997, Swingwear has been making 1940’s styles for women. Dance floors everywhere have been dressed up with Colleen’s fashions and we hope to spot some out dancin’ for years to come. Colleen will have a couple dresses at the Oscars again this year, so keep your eyes peeled for Channel 10 anchors from Sacramento, California. If you need a custom designed dress of your own, send Emily an e-mail.

Swingwear started as our desire to find some retro clothing … we just couldn’t find any … so we made our own. Soon friends and acquantiances were asking (perhaps begging is a better term) us to make some for them. Once the Swingwear name was coined and the domain secured, Swingwear went live on the Internet in 1997. Sales started as a trickle, but soon grew beyond our manufacturing capability … along came Rosie to run our sewing operations … Thanks Rosie! We couldn’t have done it without you!

As sales dropped in 2001, Baby Joseph wreaked more and more havoc as he learned to explore (typical for an toddler). Now, with the terrible two’s and another due soon, we decided that the time to close was here.

jumpIn a valiant effort to liquidate the inventory, Emily’s closet filled up (how gallant Emily … 😉 and we shared the rest with our friends, family and a few of our loyal customers. Patterns have been rolled up and stored in hopes that one day, we, or someone who loves the swing era, can do it again!

Emily still enjoys hearing from everyone, so send a note.

Enslaved to Fashion                                             …just not today's